Our Mission

The Winnipeg Insight Meditation Group is a peer-led community dedicated to cultivating compassionate wisdom through insight meditation (vipassana), lovingkindness (metta), mindfulness (sati) and other practices taught by the Buddha.

The group shares a commitment to the investigation and practice of the Buddha's teachings (dharma) as a means of freeing ourselves from unnecessary suffering. As a community (sangha), we come together with the intention of supporting each other on the path and bringing our spiritual practice into daily life.

Sitting Session Format

  • Please turn off all cellphones.

  • Remove shoes before entering the meditation hall in silence.

  •  First 30 Minutes – Noble Silence - Individual Meditation Practice.  Participants may enter the Meditation Hall in silence at anytime within this first 30-minute time slot. This period can be used to sit in meditation or in quiet contemplation to simply unwind in silence.  Doors will be locked after this 30 minutes.

  • Next 20 minutes – This time period begins the 20-minute Group meditation session.  This period will commence with one soft strike of the bell.  This can be a guided or silent meditation period.  This period ends with 3 strikes of the bell.
  • Next 20 Minutes – This period is a selected Dharma Topic offering to all in attendance.

  • Next 20 Minutes – Dharma Discussion. An opportunity to benefit from each other’s insights and experience of the practice.  It is a special time for us to share our experiences, our joys, our difficulties and our questions relating to the practice of meditation.  By practicing deep listening while others are speaking we help to create a calm and receptive environment.  By learning to speak about our happiness and our difficulties in the practice, we contribute to the collective insight and understanding of the Sangha (a Pali word for spiritual community). We base our sharing on our own experience of the practice, rather than abstract ideas and theoretical topics.  We may find that many of us share similar difficulties or aspirations. Sitting, listening and sharing together we recognize our true connections to one another.  Please remember that whatever is shared during Dharma Discussion time is confidential.  If someone shares a difficulty he or she is facing, respect that he or she may not wish to talk about this individually outside of the Dharma Discussion time or wish you to share it with anyone else.

  • Dedication of Merit.  A brief dedication to all beings of any benefit our practice may bring to us. May all beings be happy.  May all beings be safe.  May all beings be healthy. May all beings be free of suffering. May all beings live life with ease. Ends with 3 strikes of the bowl.


Bowing (optional) occurs after the 3rd strike of the bowl.  You may see some participants bowing to each other during the discussion period. Bowing is a show of respect and gratitude for each other and for the teachings themselves. It is not a sign of worship; it is a call to mindfulness and a way of saying thank you. Bowing is completely optional and left to the individual.

Dana (Generosity)

The sittings are offered freely under an ancient Buddhist tradition known as dana. Dana (a Pali word meaning generosity) is a 2,500-year-old tradition that ensures that no one is barred from receiving teachings for economic reasons. There is dana bowl and if you wish to you may  offer any amount of your choosing. Your contributions help to ensure that others will be able to receive teachings in the future.