Loving the House that Ego Built

(a non-Residential Retreat)


Howard Cohn

Dalnavert Museum, 61 Carlton Street (just south of Broadway) Winnipeg, MB R3C 1N7

Saturday, November 18 (9 am to 4:30 pm)

Sunday, November 19 (9 am to 2:30 pm)

On this retreat we will explore the nature of ego and the enormous stress that comes with trying to be “someone.” With Insight Meditation we can make peace with our various self-views. Sitting and walking in silence, supported by instructions and dharma talks, we will settle our minds and bodies. We will use the healing tools of mindfulness and loving-kindness to meet the activity of self with balance and openness, perhaps even “loving the house that ego built.”


Howard Cohn has practised meditation since 1972 and has led retreats since 1985. He leads on-going classes in San Francisco, California, near his home. He has studied and practised with many Asian and western teachers of several Buddhist traditions, including Theravada, Zen, Tibetan and Advaita Vedanta. He incorporates a non-dual perspective in his teaching.

This retreat is freely offered at no charge. In keeping with our tradition, there will be an opportunity to offer a donation (dana) for Howie’s teachings. 

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