Avoiding the Present Moment by Marc Forest

Seems to me that sometimes the present moment is not satisfying enough for many of us. One example of this is the way we are always checking our smart phones for something else. Today’s smart phones seem to be used as a life line to perhaps a better moment. Something fresh, something new, something other than what is.

I have nothing against today’s technology with its convenience and usefulness. In fact, I might be the guy who is first in line to get the latest and greatest. I am merely pointing to how the mind seems to work when it mindlessly seeks anything but now via today’s technology.

When the sound of an incoming text or email makes its noise to summon us, we are filled with hope and joy of a potential rescue from this moment. The mind wants to be anywhere but in the present moment. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are usually wanting something different than now. As soon as an experience becomes boring or unpleasant, we seek something else. There will always be this sense of something missing, of incompleteness, of unsatisfactoriness.

So what is wrong with now? What more can there be than what we have before us? If there was anything more, would it not be here? The natural process provides what it provides, in its own time. This moment is not something to overcome so we can get to the next moment. This moment is all there is. What can we learn from it? When we dismiss the present moment because it is unsatisfying, we could be missing something filled with potential for awakening. There is always something here in the now. Let us not miss it by looking to a screen to detour us.

Why not stay with the present experience no matter what it is? This is where wisdom is found, right here in the present moment’s experience, pleasant or unpleasant. It is a question of learning to recognize this moment just as it is.

Remember to recognize the present moment’s experience. I often use this phrase to remind myself to be present for whatever I may be experiencing and to just be with the way it is right now.

Mindfulness practice teaches us to be interested and curious in what is right here, right now. Whatever that may be. Mindful practice includes everything and excludes nothing. Everything belongs.

The only way to know the truth of what is here, is by way of mindful awareness. We need to stay with it without the interruption of a potential for something better by way of a screen.

I just turned my phone off to immerse myself completely, without interruption, in what’s here in this moment