With the warmer weather, it’s nice to finally be able to go outside and enjoy the sounds of nature and fresh air.

Last year, Winnipeg Insight Meditation Group donated money to have our name installed on a plaque for a bench at Fort Whyte Alive in the Reflection area as well as on a commemorative brick in the Carol Shields’ Memorial Labyrinth at King’s Park.


Fort Whyte Alive Reflection Area

“Let me keep my mind on what matters, which is my work,
which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished.”

Quoted from the poem “The Messenger” by Mary Oliver
Which appears in Thirst: Poems by Mary Oliver, 2007.


Reflection Area at Fort Whyte Alive


WIMG Plaque in Reflection Area


Mourning Dove at Fort Whyte Alive


Tree House @ Fort Whyte Alive


Carol Shields’ Labyrinth at King’s Park

Entrance to King’s Park


WIMG Commemorative Brick


Carol Shields’ Sign


Beauty at King’s Park


Carol Shields’ Memorial Labyrinth


With our Sunday sittings ending soon, WIMG is looking at having a few Sunday walks and mediations at both Fort Whyte and King’s Park during the summer.

Please watch for details on these walks and other upcoming group events to continue to bring our Sangha together in the wonderful outdoors with nature and friendship.

On behalf of WIMG,
With Metta,

Catherine Sproat