Mindful Walk and Meditation at FortWhyte Alive, August 9th, 2015

by Catherine Sproat

On Sunday, August 9th, members from the Winnipeg Insight Meditation Group enjoyed an outdoor Mindful Walking and Meditation event at FortWhyte Alive.

Members walked in silence to the new Reflecting Circle where WIMG has a permanent inscribed plaque on a bench that faces west in the circle.

The meditation was led by Sangha member, Barbara Barnett. Before the sit, she briefly discussed the creation of the Reflecting Circle and told us about FortWhyte Alive where she is an active and long-time volunteer.  

During the discussion after the meditation, Barb mentioned that we probably found ourselves listening to two types of sounds: natural and man-made. It led to the discussion that “silence” is actually being with the sounds of nature. Silence is not necessarily the absence of “all” sound.

James reflected, “The composer John Cage made no distinction between environmental sounds and music. He said that if you embrace that, then instead of having to go to the symphony, you will have one wherever you are."

It was a wonderful experience to meditate in the peacefulness of the Reflecting Circle. Sitting in silence while out in nature, listening to the sounds around us was incredible.

Even though it is often very difficult to find a time and place where we can be silent with just the sounds of nature, it is well worth the effort to try.

After the walk and meditation, Sangha members walked back to the Alloway Centre and some stayed to enjoy coffee, tea and something to eat in the café.

The Reflecting Circle offers a place to be silent with nature and I hope many people will take time to go there to enjoy it.


Special thanks to Kurt Schwarz and Barbara Barnett for organizing this event.To plan your next visit to FortWhyte Alive, visit their website at www.fortwhyte.org