Expression of Gratitude to WIMG

Last October, I was fortunate to attend the WIMG weekend residential retreat at St. Benedict’s. After the retreat, I sent an email to express my gratitude and I want to share it with everyone. It’s a personal reminder about why I practice, as well as what it means and how it feels to be a part of this wonderful Sangha.

Dear Practice Leader, 

I want to thank you as well as everyone else who were involved with organizing the retreat. It was an experience that I will always remember and hope to experience again.  Without the opportunity to receive a scholarship, I would not have been able to attend and have the experience I did. So thank you... all of you for that opportunity. I'm forever grateful.

So, now comes impermanence once again. The retreat is over and life is happening as it did before. Only now, I am more at peace and more calm to deal with the stresses and roller coaster rides that life offers. I think I'd be at a total loss right now if it wasn't for my practice and the Sangha and I think I'm not the only one who feels this way.

The Sangha offers not only a safe and respectful place to practice, but friendship, help, community, and the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging with no judgment and no pressures. It's amazing to see such a wide variety of people come together with one thing in common and to be a part of it is even more amazing.

I don't have a lot to offer the Sangha in the way of knowledge, speaking or leading but I am always willing to help where needed and to repay my dues by being more involved. I feel I not only owe it (that’s just the way I am), but I truly want to be more helpful.

Again, thank all of you for everything. Words cannot express how much gratitude I have right now.

It was beautiful to see and experience all that I did.

With Metta,
A Sangha Member