Beginning Once Again

It’s the start of a new year, and many things come to mind.  Rather than a time for making resolutions, I think of it as a time for reflection, a time to think about the path of personal growth and change I have been following, things that I have started, things that have been accomplished, things that still need attention.

In the past few weeks, I have been looking again at the entries in Expressions, our newsletter and now, blog.  They have reminded me how wonderful it is to be part of WIMG where there is support and friendship and, most of all, where we can feel safe. I took on the role as editor of Expressions because I saw it as an opportunity to encourage us all to participate in building and strengthening our Sangha, our community.

I am grateful to WIMG for the opportunity we have to share our views and thoughts about our practices.  I am thankful for all the friends I’ve made and for the mentors who support us in our practices and answer questions about Buddhism and Vipassana Meditation.  I have enjoyed writing reports of WIMG activities and events such as the Sunday to Fort Whyte, Peace Days and retreats and looking at photographs and drawings and reading prose poems and profiles and commentaries.

I encourage everyone to look at our Expressions Blog again.  Read the articles from the first to the last and see how WIMG has evolved over the past year.  Also, think about what you might be interested in sharing such as photographs or drawings or by writing something, a poem perhaps or something that resonates with you about your practice.

May we all be open-hearted and inspired as this new year unfolds.

With Loving Kindness,
Catherine Sproat

List of readings on the Expressions Blog:

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Mindful Walk and Meditation at Fort Whyte Alive by Catherine Sproat
The Question by Bill
Carol Shields Labyrinth and Brick Installation Event by Catherine Sproat
Keeping Up With the Joneses by Catherine Sproat
Peace Days by Catherine Sproat
Residential Retreat 2015 by Catherine Sproat
Mindfulness in the Woodpile by Barbara Barnett
Alone Together by James McBride